Pronto Pizza!

Pronto Pizza

Hello Foodie Friends - 

Making pizza is a great tradition no matter how often you do it. Oftentimes, though, you’re feeling hungry for some pizza but you don’t have the patience to cook a pizza in the oven for an hour, so you order in. Well, in an effort to take the delivery man out of your pizza craving, I’ve found the perfect solution for delicious homemade pizza in less time — the Pizzeria Pronto. 

If you have a gas stovetop and some fresh pizza ingredients you have all you need to let the Pizzeria Pronto do its magic. 

Since the Pizzeria Pronto takes just 15 minutes to preheat, you can make 7 12” pizzas in the same amount of time it takes to make just one in the oven. The secret to the Pizzeria Pronto’s tasty magic is the combination of the dual stone system that distributes the intense 600 degree heat evenly from burner and vented hood that draws moisture out to ensure toppings are crisp, similar to the appeal of a wood-fired oven. So maybe it’s not magic, but it’s still a unique and fast way to make great pizza.  

The compact Pizzeria Pronto takes up little space, meaning you can easily store it with your pots and pans. The Pizzeria Pronto also makes crisp and tasty calzones, breadsticks, and quesadillas.

Come visit us at Compliments to the Chef to get a closer look at the Pizzeria Pronto. While you’re here, check out our large selection of pizza accessories. With our help, you can easily transform your kitchen into a pizzeria. 

Remember, life happens in the kitchen. 

Take care, 
John and Paula