Chop it, Scoop it, Cook it!

Chop it, Scoop it, Cook it


Hello Foodie Friends,


Many of you many not know that along with my love for the culinary arts; I am an avid movie buff. I love the old movies, and enjoy watching the works of many of our contemporary directors and artists.  My wife and children will often times join me in watching movies. However, whenever there is a Bradley Cooper movie, both my daughter and wife do not need any convincing of watching his movies.  If you have not yet seen one of his recent movies “Burnt”, I would recommend it - especially if you come from a culinary background or just simply enjoy cooking. “Burnt” shows the stressful and prideful life of our incredible chefs. It portrays the behind the scenes demands in the making of the dishes we savor when we eat at a restaurant.


We had fun identifying the tools and watching the skill levels of the chefs in the movie. One particular piece that stood out was the importance of food prep in the kitchen. The art of prep work is significant to the efficiency of getting meals out from the kitchen to the customer for chefs.  “Mise en place” is French for “everything in place”. This is an important tip from professional chefs. Before you cook, have everything measured, peeled, chopped, and within reach.  Prep work is easily more than 50% of cooking.


The chop and scrape tool has an important role in food preparation in getting your diced meat and chopped vegetables from the cutting board into your stove top pots.  The prep tool can also be used to chop cubed potatoes, chop nuts, or cut through bread dough. 

The chop and scrape tool is made of stainless steel to allow for ease of cutting and easy clean up.  At Compliments to the Chef located at 46 Marion Avenue in Saratoga Springs, we have several types of chop, scrape and scoop tools for your prep needs.


The next time you go to a restaurant, please be sure to “compliment the chef”. They work hard and really take pride in the spectacular dishes they create.  They deserve to be recognized for their work.  Remember, “Life Happens in the Kitchen” for both our chefs and our foodie’s. Take care. John and Paula